Moon Tribe Studios

Moon Tribe Studios has been in business since 2005. It was created in order to bring people together for one common purpose: to make movies. Since then, proprietor Gil Luna, has branched out to do many things. After making two films, “The Bobbsey Twins Go to Hell”, a dark comedy short, and a feature in 2010, a sci-fi dark drama entitled “Population: 2“, Luna started another company, “Ambient Environments“, in order to fill his musical void by creating an audio product for roleplaying and board games. Currently Luna is working on two scripts which he plans to produce in late 2014 or some time in 2015.

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Population: 2 Official Trailer 2012 from Gil Luna on Vimeo.

“[Population: 2] is film for people who read fiction or poetry…like one of those art house videos that we could watch back in the 20th century, before the monopolization of cinemas.”

-iTunes reviewer

Every so often an independent movie…exerts a profound effect on film and reaches out to touch some aspect of our humanity that resides deep within us. A movie that most recently achieved such an effect on me was ‘Population: 2’

-Douglas Maclean, Home Theater Info DVD

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